We know how hard it is to find your ideal candidates whatever their discipline, so whether you need a career professional to fill a permanent staff position, an experienced temp to fill a short-term vacancy or a contractor to undertake a project, it's a great start registering with Mandrive Recruitment.

You know how challenging it can be recruit quality, permanent staff, it can be considerably harder than many people imagine. First-class candidates are rarely on conventional job boards so a simple advert will not yield the desired results when you require a more professional candidate, not that it's any easier to find great contract or temporary staff.

Recruiting talented contract staff can be just as challenging as finding permanent staff, many of the top professionals in any field, work exclusively on a contract to contract or project to project basis. This way they achieve an exceptional knowledge and broad experience base. These are career contractors, and they are perfect for many specialist roles however great contractors can be hard to find so why not leave it to us after all, that’s our speciality.

Whether you are looking for one person or one hundred, whether you require permanent staff or Ad-hoc contractors, maybe temporary staff to cover for holiday's, sickness or additional staff for a demanding project, perhaps it's an extraordinarily hectic few weeks or months, it doesn't matter because we are here to help. ​So why not take us for a test drive, register with Mandrive Recruitment today.

There are lot's of great benefits when you hire our contract staff, here are just a few:

  • You only pay for the hours they work. (subject to min. shift).

  • You just tell us what experience, skills & qualifications you require. 

  • You have no ongoing commitment to hiring them.

  • You don’t need to spend a fortune in time or money advertising & recruiting staff.

  • You can choose to hire only the best staff for your needs after a trial period. (if you so desire).

  • You can increase and decrease your team as you require.

  • You can request your favourite staff any time you desire.


It's easy to see why so many businesses choose to use contract or temporary staff and it's especially advantageous if you are looking for precisely the right candidate to fit in with your existing team before you commit to a full-time contract. 


We've tried to make the whole process as simple as possible starting with a straightforward registration form. Just fill out the Client Registration form, this can be found on the "Get Staff" tab of the menu bar, or click here. We will contact you to discover your recruitment needs, design a recruitment plan exclusively for you. Then we will deliver our proposal and costings so you can make your decision, we would love to help you find incredible staff. ​So why not take us for a test drive, register with Mandrive Recruitment today.

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